SADC Project’s Working Group discusses the final draft of the Regional Report on nuclear safety

On 10 March 2022 the Radiation Protection Authority Zambia (RPAZ) convened an online meeting of the Working Group (WG) established within the EU –funded ISTC – implemented Project MC 5.01 15B Support to the Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards. The purpose of the videoconference was to review the findings and the recommendations of the Regional Report elaborated by the WG. The Working Group, the proceedings of which are coordinated by Melody Nsofwa, Head of Department, RPAZ, comprises the authors of the eight country specific reports on various SADC member states, plus other contributors from among the African experts.

The specific objectives of the Report are manifold: elaboration of an updated and comparative of the legislative frameworks, institutional arrangements, and national policies in relation to nuclear safety and security; a survey of the implementation of international legal instruments; provision stimulate to bilateral and multilateral cooperation, in particular, in view of growing transboundary shipments of Uranium oxide and radioactive sources. For the purpose, the WG will propose to the nuclear regulators to adopt an Action Plan at the upcoming Project’s results dissemination event in Zimbabwe.

The Working Group uses a dialogical and interactive research design, based on three data collection methods: document analysis, stakeholder meetings and an online survey. Methodologically the WG is guided by leading experts, such as: Dr. Tumur Zhantikin, CEO, KNPP, Kazakhstan; Paul Hinrichsen, leading transport safety expert of the South African nuclear regulator; and Sheriffah Noor Khamseah al-Idid, Science and Innovation Advisor to the Malaysian government.

The latter made a very interesting recapitulation on the work done under the Project in relation to the encouragement of the creation of national coordination committees of stakeholders, the appointment of national focal points for facilitation of shipments and other topics.